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BitTorrent News – BTT News Updates

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BitTorrent Releases Weekly Update – 2nd Week Of July –

BitTorrent recently released their overview for the second week of July 2020. Highlights include BTT staking on DLive surpassing 20 billion at one time, BTFS v1.3 being released and storage space mining being enabled on BTFS. Some more minor news includes the anniversary of BitTorrent Speed launching on the uTorrent Classic client which launch on July 8th 2019. At the time of writing, BTT is worth $0.00039 USD and has a total market cap of $80 Million. For more Bittorrent News and Updates, bookmark this page! Source. – Updated 15th July, 2020

BitTorrent Added To Ledger Live –

Ledger recently announced support for Tron (TRX) staking via their Ledger Live platform, allowing users to securely lock up their TRX coins and any TRC tokens on the Tron platform. While you can’t necessarily “stake” BTT tokens, the integration with TRC tokens is the main point here. According to Ledger, Ledger Live now offers support for 24 coins and more than 1250 tokens. Previous to this announcement Tezos (XTZ) was the only token available to stake on the platform. For more BitTorrent News and Updates, bookmark this page! Source. – Updated 16th April, 2020

Binance Adds BitTorrent To BNB Pairings On Binance DEX –

BitTorrent is the latest project to receive a BNB listing on one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in crypto right now, Binance DEX. After having its BTC pairing removed from the Binance a few months ago, Traders now have another pair to trade on if they’re looking to build their BNB stack, or simply prefer trading on a decentralized exchange. BitTorrent has been listing on Binance since 2019 but has only just been added to Binance DEX. While we don’t have any further info regarding what prompted the listing, it’s a welcome addition to an excellent trading platform. For more BitTorrent News and Updates, bookmark this page! Source. – Updated 14th April, 2020

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