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BOLT (BOLT) Pegasus Wallet Goes Live On iOS

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On Saturday the 30th of November 2019, BOLT took to Twitter to announce that the long awaited Pegasus Wallet was now available to BOLT Users on iOS. Pegasus Wallet was released for Android back in August and as is usually the case, the Apple Store takes a while longer due to the strict approval process especially regarding cryptocurrency wallets. BOLT users can now use the Pegasus Wallet to trade tokens, access services, buy data bundles and earn BOLT tokens via micro-tasks.

The release of Pegasus Wallet on Android and now recently on iOS should provide BOLT users with a more holistic ecosystem in which to transact. Having wallets available to all users of an ecosystem regardless of device specifications is essential if you’re looking to tackle a business model like BOLTs, which is mainly concerned with serving the vast amount of mobile users who don’t have access to traditional desktop computers or broadband internet due to either their location or financial situation. While Android Devices account for 86% of the mobile market in targeted demographic areas such as South Africa, it’s imperative to include the 12% using iOS Devices for a cohesive ecosystem.

Bolt Pegasus Wallet App Store
BOLT – Pegasus Wallet on iOS

It’s been quite a year for BOLT. We reviewed it back in July 2019 and were thoroughly impressed with their plans for business development and the fact that they were already bringing in revenue, and that’s without mentioning the network they’d built with big names like Aljazeera, Channel NewsAsia and the International Cricket Council to serve users of the BOLT App. While we’ve been keeping an eye on what the Team has been doing since our review, we’d highly recommend checking out their Medium Blog to get the details.

About BOLT – BOLT is an operational, mobile focused video content platform centered on delivering live (e.g. Live TV, Premium Sports) and Trendy video highlights (<5 min in duration per clip) to emerging markets that are constrained by bandwidth. “We’re building an ecosystem of users, partners, and content creators,bringing best-in-class digital services to emerging markets.”

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