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Credits (CS) Team Up With Alibaba Cloud To Enter Chinese Market

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On Monday the 2nd of December 2019, Credits (CS) took to Twitter to show off their most recent networking efforts, announcing they’d teamed up with Alibaba Cloud to enter the Chinese Market With Blockchain-Based Solutions in Logistics. Credits is a versatile ecosystem and platform based on a PoA (Proof of Agreement) consensus method intended to provide Developers with the tools they need to create fast, secure decentralized applications.

The recent announcement brings forth plenty of opportunities for the Credits Team in the Chinese market, especially where logistics are concerned. Supply chain is a massive industry that is becoming more and more distrupted my blockchain technology by the day. When data is stored on an immutable ledger, details of where a product was made, who handled it and location data for tracking purposes cannot be edited or reversed, increasing transparency drastically in not only the general logistics industry but also expanding into the food, fashion and anti-counterfeiting industries too. As a versatile, multipurpose blockchain application platform, Credits and its Developers aren’t held back from expanding into various industries and this most recent step into China will open up the doors to a wide range of possibilities.

Credits CS Alibaba Crypto Homepage
Credits (CS) – Website Homepage

China is a thriving market of online purchased goods and the country is actively exploiting this segment. We have developed a lot of solutions that needed to be taken to improve a sector as diverse and immense as logistics in a country with a population of well over 2 billion”

Credits (CS) CEO, Igor Chugunov

Credits has had a pretty packed 2019 thus far. With consistent Developer Journal releases keeping Investors updated with some of the more technical, inner workings of the platform, Monthly Updates covering each months progress and a Mainnet Swap to convert ERC20 CS tokens to Mainnet CS tokens on the horizon, they’re looking to finish the year strong with this most recent partnership with Alibaba Cloud. For more on what Credits is tackling in 2020, check out their roadmap.

About Credits (CS) – An open, lightning-fast infrastructure blockchain protocol built on the principles of full decentralization. The protocol does not have any central authority. All the information is stored in blocks and cryptographically secured. Credits is the basic software that allows its users to apply blockchain in business and IT solutions through the use of autonomous smart contracts for creating and storing data about transactions and operations throughout the network.

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