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Credits (CS) Mainnet On The Way – Mainnet Swap Details

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On Wednesday the 27th of November, Credits (CS) announced new details regarding their upcoming swap from ERC20 to Mainnet tokens on the Credits Blockchain. Credits will begin the swap process from the 20th of December 2019 at 12:00 UTC and will give exchanges such as Kucoin a 24 hour window to complete their swap. The swap will be active until the 20th of March 2020 at which point all ERC20 tokens will be burnt.

Credits (CS) has spent a while under the radar of many Investors which many say has been the result of a lack of listings on bigger exchanges. Regardless of liquidity and availability on exchanges, the Team has powered forward with several wallet releases on Web, Mobile and Browsers along with other essential products such as their Blockchain Explorer and Decentralized Exchange. While the products they’ve built are a staple to the Credit ecosystem, the partners and relationships they’ve acquired throughout their time as humble ERC20 token is objectively impressive. With recent support from IBM, Lenovo and other big names in various industries, they’ve has done well to attract this kind of attention already.

Credits also posted both an updated Company Development and Technical Roadmap to accompany the announcement.

Credits CS Roadmap Mainnet Swap 1
Company Development Roadmap
Credits CS Roadmap Mainnet Swap 2
Technical Roadmap

With the support of a large pool of investors and a thriving community, Credits is well on the way to popularizing blockchain as a real and affordable technology that can be applied in a variety of industries. If time is to be the main judge of the company’s achievements, it is safe to say that the Credits platform’s management has done an outstanding job of appeasing the clock and building a solid base for growth.

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About Credits (CS) – An open, lightning-fast infrastructure blockchain protocol built on the principles of full decentralization. The protocol does not have any central authority. All the information is stored in blocks and cryptographically secured. Credits is the basic software that allows its users to apply blockchain in business and IT solutions through the use of autonomous smart contracts for creating and storing data about transactions and operations throughout the network.

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