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Lition News – LIT News & Updates

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Lition (LIT) Listed On Uniswap Protocol –

Lition recently announced that their LIT token will be available on Uniswap, a popular exchange which allows users an easy way to swap ETH or other ERC-20 tokens to the token of their choice, without the need to set bids and asks or deal with any complicated trading interfaces. Uniswap is also decentralized which gives users a trustless way to transact on the Ethereum blockchain and maintain control of their own funds. Users can access Uniswap via popular extensions such as Metamask in order to deposit and withdraw funds. Read the source for full details. At the time of writing, LIT is worth $0.05 USD and has a total market cap of $1.8 Million. For more Lition News and Updates, bookmark this page! Source. – Updated 11th July, 2020

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