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Nash Mobile App Now Available On Android

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On Sunday the 1st of December 2019, Nash took to Twitter to announce the release of the Nash App on Android Devices. The Nash Mobile App will now allow Users to manage their account similarly to how they manage it on the web version, featuring the ability to send, receive and manage their digital assets on the go with full access to the Ethereum, NEO and Bitcoin products offered on the platform.

Nash has been quietly building out and updating their Nash Exchange since it launched back in September of 2019. With Bitcoin and over 1,200 Ethereum ERC20 tokens now supported on the platform, the Team is building what in our opinion is one of the most user-friendly products built on the blockchain today. As more states in the US have more access to Nash with the most recent addition being California, the gateway for institutional money to flow into the industry is opening wider every day. Certain US states are extremely strict with what they’ll allow their citizens to invest in or access when it comes to financial services and products, but Nash appears to be playing by the rule book and taking those small steps to ensure they’re compliant with state regulations and available to as many Customers as possible.

Nash Mobile App Announcement

The Nash Mobile App handles just as expected with a clean, fluid experience allowing you to keep track of your digital assets and any assets you may be interested in, as well as allow you to send and receive funds with near-instant transaction speeds thanks to the NEO Blockchain Nash is built on. Nash announced the Android version alongside a “coming soon” announcement for the iOS version. The Apple App Store has been a pain in the side for a lot of blockchain projects due to their strict approval process which has caused other projects like BOLT and their Pegasus Wallet to be delayed on iOS for several months as a result. Users may not have to wait long though as Nash is clearly working with regulators all the time and tweaking their product to adhere to strict guidelines with every update.

The latest Nash app is now available for Android and coming soon to iOS! Access your account securely, monitor your portfolio and transfer or request assets on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO networks! #Nash #TrustYourselves #Wallet

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About Nash – “Nash is a fintech company using blockchain as infrastructure for the digital finance space. Our products form an integrated financial services platform that is fully non-custodial. Users can invest in, trade and make payments with digital assets and at no point will Nash control their funds.

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