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What You Missed: Tomochain (TOMO) – Q4 2019

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Every now and then we like to take a look at a project that has overachieved throughout the current quarter and highlight some of the successes experienced by the Team and Community behind the project. This edition will cover Tomochain (TOMO) and the past few months of progress the Team have made and published information about on their Medium and Twitter channels. If you’ve been out of the loop for the past few months, we’ll get you up to speed. Please note that this is a compilation of news already published by Tomochain and the opinions of our Author. All information discussed and reviewed in this piece can be found in the linked channels and posts throughout this piece.

Product Developments

Throughout September, October and November we saw a ton of development surrounding “TomoX”, a product described by Tomochain as “a secure and efficient permission-less decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that empowers a diverse system of DEXs, market-making providers, and independent projects to work together in a decentralized manner“. It was on November 4th that we saw our first big preview of TomoX and the User Interface when Tomochain published “Say Hello to TomoX Public Testnet” on Medium at the same time Ha Hoang published “First Look at TomoDEX’s User Interface“. Tomochain would later announce a “Extreme Dex Challenge” to support the growth and adoption of TomoX, airdropping 14,000 TOMO to DEX owners. For more information on TomoX, visit the Tomochain website.

Tomochain TomoX Release Q4
TomoX Release


Tomochain has been partnering with community favorites left right and center. Following the lead of many other high profile projects, Tomochain linked up with Chainlink to “harness real-time information” via Chainlinks Decentralized Oracles that verify information inputs to create smart contracts that are secure from incorrect and only available to trusted data. Tomochain goes onto explain that “Along with key working relationships to GoogleOracle and SWIFT, Chainlink is consistently selected as one of the top blockchain technologies by leading independent research firms”. View the full announcement for more info.

Tomochain also partnered up with Band Protocol, a project very similar to Chainlink but unique in enough ways for the partnership to bring its own benefits. Kyn Chaturvedi, CBDO of Tomochain described the partnership: “The integration of Band Protocol’s decentralized oracle solution onto TomoChain will provide developers access to a reservoir of credible data that can be transformative for TomoChain Tokens and DApps.”. With both Chainlink and Band Protocol partnering up with Tomochain to work on decentralized applications using Oracles as trusted data verification methods, they’re only providing Developers with more resources to build with. View the full announcement for more info.

NEO is the latest partnership at the time of writing (9/12/2019) and may be to some the most major of this quarters partnerships considering NEOs reach smart economy sector. The partnership is set to “enhance ecosystem development through a series of events designed to educate and encourage developers to build dApps on both TomoChain and Neo. Leveraging their respective technological and regional expertise, both parties will support developers in building, localizing, and accessing distribution channels with the aim of connecting them with end-users.“. From the announcement we can gather that the partnership is more geared towards distribution and advertising the products built by both projects in order to get them into the hands of end-users, and that’s in our opinion exactly what blockchain and decentralized applications are missing. View the full announcement for more info.

tomochain neo blockchain partnership
NEO x Tomochain Partnership


On the 19th of October 2019, CEO of Tomochain Long Vuong was part of an AMA organized by and held on the Binance Exchange Telegram Channel. Some of the topics discussed include explanations regarding products such as TomoX and TomoZ along with more general questions and answers regarding PoSV consensus methods and other general topics. It’s far too long for us to get into here so we recommend you check out the recap/summary over on their Medium Blog

A surprise listing was also on the cards for Tomochain in November with the popular FTX Exchange listing both TOMO Futures and Leveraged Tokens on the platform which has since made it a lot more available to experienced Traders. FTX also ran a trading competition from the 11th to the 16th of November with up to 20,000 TOMO up for grabs among other prizes for profitable traders who traded TOMO on the platform.


In early September, Tomochain announced the first round of games that made it through as part of their International Gaming Dappathon. Users were encouraged to vote for the app they thought were deserving of the win with the Teams competing for a total prize of $8,000 USD. Candidates included TomoBowl, TomoRPS, Maxbet and TomoWin. A great round of high quality Dapps all running on Tomochain. View the full announcement.

Shortly after the first round was announced, concluded and TomoWin given the highest amount of community votes, Tomochain opened up voting for Round 2 of the International Gaming Dappathon which would go on to include Gomoku, TomoBird, Tomo Sheep Fight, Ecopet and Sunfetti, all of which can be located here.

On the 30th of September, Tomochain announced the Dappathon Champions and the winners of the International Gaming Dappathon. We’ll drop a list below of the winners and their prizes, straight from the official announcement.

  • 2 Runner-ups: Tomo Sheep Fight & TomoBird, winning $1000 each.
  • Third Place: Ecopet — $500.
  • Community Votes: Tomo Sheep Fight & TomoWin, winning $500 each.
  • Best Performance: MaxBet, winning $500

Users can access these apps via TomoWallet Web or on iOS or Android today.

Tomochain Dapp Competition Q4


It’s been an awesome Q4 for Tomochain. With developments, partnerships, community engagement at an all time high and exchanges continuing to add and host the TOMO token on their platform, the Tomochain Economy is thriving and will no doubt continue thriving into 2020. We’ll be back in March 2020 for a recap of Q1!

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