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Bityard Exchange Review – 2020

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Bityard is a cryptocurrency exchange fully regulated and licensed in Singapore, USA, Estonia and Australia. Having being featured by over 100+ media websites such as NewsBTC, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance in the past 5 months at the time of writing, Bityard is becoming more popular every day. Bityard boasts up to 100x leverage, extremely low trading fees and simple 3-click account creation to get you trading quickly and easily.

What is Bityard?

Bityard is fast growing cryptocurrency exchange that offers Traders with a more fair way of trading, taking systems that other exchanges include and improving them in ways that make trading far easier and less of a headache for new Traders. Bityard has a very complete FAQ section for any newcomers looking to make the switch to a better trading experience. Bityard is available on all platforms including iOS and Android, making trading on the go a breeze. Having trading services in more than 150 countries, there is a massive pool of traders providing liquidity to the platform and no worries about low volume trading periods depending on global session times. With varies promotions, bonuses and constant upgrades to trading engine infrastructure, Bityard is becoming the exchange of choice for traders looking for a simpler, more reliable place to exchange.

Futures Contracts On Bityard

Bityard makes trading far simpler in comparison to other exchanges that often run their own trading desks, faking volume and ultimately deceiving their customers by faking bids and asks depending on open interest. Bityard takes the spread, slippage and clawback out of the exchange experience, providing Traders with a K-line weight average that pulls data from Binance, OKEx and Huobi to display the fairest and most accurate contract price in real time. This weight average approach drastically lowers the opportunity for manipulation and provides Traders with a reliable contract price that is free from large spikes due to lack of liquidity. Bityard break it down to a simple “Buy” or “Sell” experience which provides newer Traders to a fair way of trading the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Bityard lists all of the most popular cryptocurrencies including BTC, EOS, ETH, LTC, TRX, XRP and crowd favorites such as ADA, LINK, XTZ and many more. Bityard consistently adds new pairs depending on what their Traders want access to, continuously keeping liquidity on the platform as they listen to their customers, unlike other exchanges that fail to adapt to the market conditions and customer expectations. Bityard uses the USDT token as the main pairing for contracts, meaning funds are easy to withdraw back out to your favorite fiat off-ramp or another spot exchange. Using a simple “close-all” function, Traders have quick access to their funds if they need to exit positions for whatever reason, without needing to enter complicated bid orders or reduce-only orders that can often cause even experienced Traders to make mistakes.

To get started trading Bitcoin or 15+ cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage, head over to Bityards Beginner Guide section and get an idea of how to use the platform. For instance, learn how to set take profit orders on Bityard here.

Up To 258 USDT In Welcome Bonuses

Bityard is offering massive bonuses to Traders who complete simple tasks such as set their username, bind their account to a mobile phone or email account for added security and for simply trading various contracts on the Bityard Exchange. Rewards are as follows.

  • 1 $USDT – Set Username
  • 1 $USDT – Bind mobile phone or Email
  • 2 $USDT – Conduct a demo trade once
  • 2 $USDT – Conduct a live trade once
  • 8 $USDT – Surpass $10,000 in trading volume
  • 18 $USDT – Surpass $50,000 in trading volume
  • 38 $USDT – Surpass $200,000 in trading volume
  • 188 $USDT – Surpass $1,000,000 in trading volume
  • 50 $USDT – Deposit more than or exactly 0.5 BTC

At the time of writing, depositing more than or equal to 0.5 BTC is the quickest and easiest way to qualify for a $50 bonus which will add towards your potential trading volume should you look forward to the valuable trading volume bonuses Bityard is offering new Traders.

Bityard is constantly adding new ways to receive bonuses and thanks to their contracts enabling 100x leverage, trading volume bonuses are easily achievable and are available to everyone that creates an account

Daily Mining & Bityard BYD Token

Bityard have a unique mining feature which allows users to gain bits of the native BYD token, used to enable fee discounts for Traders on the platform. We’ve seen how successful native exchange tokens can be on other exchanges in the past and BYD presents a unique opportunity for access to future events and promotions. Exchange tokens often give users access to IEOs, trading competitions, voting and other special events. Bityard is yet to announce any IEOs on the platform but owning some BYD would no doubt be a part of the requirements if they were to host one in the future. BYD can be gained for free by simply visiting the daily mining page and clicking the gems on the page. Make sure to visit this every day to get more opportunities to gain free BYD tokens.

Bityard Referral Program

Finally, Bityard has an incredibly generous referral program for those looking to introduce Bityard to their friends and fellow Traders. At the time of writing, Bityard offers influencers and referrers a massive 60% commission on all trading fees that their referrals generate. Bityard even offers real-time settlement on all trading fees which is great to see when comparing other exchanges that only update commissions once per day. Referrals that you bring to Bityard provide commissions for the lifetime of their account which is a huge upgrade from other exchanges that take your referrals away from you after a few months. saving on their trading fees across the platform. The referral program Bityard offers can generate very large commissions depending on your reach and influence, for example, if you refer a trader who generates $1000 in fees, you are rewarded with a $600 commission in real-time if you qualify for the highest referral level. Referral levels are as follows.

  • Sub-Affiliates: 1 or more – 5% – 6 Month Expiry
  • Sub-Affiliates: 10 or more – 30% – Lifetime
  • Sub-Affiliates: 30 or more – 40% – Lifetime
  • Sub-Affiliates: 50 or more – 50% – Lifetime
  • Sub-Affiliates: 100 or more – 60% – Lifetime

Bityard is easy to advertise to traders both beginner and intermediate due to the simplicity of their platform and their concept of “Complex Contracts Simply Trade”, making the exchange far easier to use with just as many opportunities as traditional exchanges that can often confuse and scare away newer traders.

Why You Should Be Trading On Bityard

Bityard takes the complicated parts of traditional exchanges such as buy/sell walls, various calculators and confusing order types out of the experience while providing all of the same opportunities to traders of various experience levels. Bityard offer just as many if not more contracts on their platform in comparison to traditional exchanges and depositing/withdrawing funds is quick and easy. Bityard is completely free to join and has no limits of trading volume so you can get started with as little or as much as you’d like. If you enjoyed this article or learnt something new, sign up to Bityard using our referral link and help us keep making content like this.

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